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1914 vs. 1915 Crack Jack baseball card set

The Cracker Jack baseball cards are some of my favorite cards to collect.  They have many similarities, but what are some differences?  Which cards from the sets are most valuable?  What are the differences between the 2 sets?  Let’s investigate!

The Cracker Jack sets are almost 100 years old.  As is always the case, condition is extremely important in assigning a value for each card.  The odds of finding a MINT card from either set is extremely scarce.  In fact, the chance of finding any Cracker Jack baseball cards is extremely rare, which is why I love baseball card collecting.  It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going. 


The 1914 set contains 144 baseball cards.  These cards were printed on much thinner paper than the 1915 counterpart.  A few of the 1914 baseball cards have different poses than the 1915 set.  These cards are craved by baseball card collectors like myself.  For example, the Christy Mathewson 1914 horizontal pitching version is not offered in the 1915 set.  Mathewson appears in the 1915 set as a portrait pose.


1914 Cracker Jack’s are usually found with staining on them.  The 1914 cards were ONLY distributed in boxes of Cracker Jack’s at the local five and dime store.  The 1915 cards were offered in the boxes of jacks, and through a mail in redemption program.


The 1915 Cracker Jack set has 176 baseball cards and is generally found in much better condition to the 1914 step-brother.  Many cards were obtained thru the mail in redemption program, so many cards are free of staining.  The cards were printed on a heavier stock paper (still very thin though) that could withstand a bit more abuse. 


Both the 1914 and 1915 cards have the bold red background.  Of all the candy cards, the Jack’s are the most visually stimulating.  Some of the most valuable cards are:  Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, and Walter Johnson.  Check your attic to see if you have any Cracker Jacks!!