Fan Mail Part 2- Obtaining baseball autographs!

I recently received a question about obtaining autographs during the regular season.

This person wanted to know if it would be just as easy to obtain them as it was during spring training.

The answer to the question is………(drum roll please) Autographs during the regular season are harder to obtain.  Don’t be discouraged because they are still fairly easy to obtain

Spring training is fun for everybody and very relaxed.  The guys are getting used to getting back in the daily routine of playing baseball and they are getting used to the new guys in the clubhouse.  The ballplayers are signing autographs in hoards and enjoy doing it.  They might even smile while doing it.

By the time May comes around, baseball is in full swing.  The weather gets nicer across the country and you have those blabbermouths on ESPN talking about who will win the World Series even though it is only May.  By this time, each baseball player has signed thousands of autographs for the year.  The process might become tedious for some and not enjoyable anymore.  Because the season is in full swing, they have to be fully focused on their game.  Therefore, signing autographs becomes secondary.

Here are a few tips for snagging a signature of your favorite player.

1.  Players’ love signing for females.  If you are a female, great!  Show em what you got.  If you are not a female, go with a female and have her get the autograph for you.

2.  One Hall of Fame baseball player that I had dinner once with, (but will not name) says that you should call each player by his first name, or nickname.  Don’t say Mr. John Doe, can you sign this for me.  They are people just like you and me.  Call them by their name.  

3.Do NOT bring 50 million things with you to get autgraphed.  They will think that you are reselling their autograph if you do.

4. Be Prepared.  Bring with you the appropriate pen/marker and test it before you have it signed.  I have seen on a few occasions when the little boy goes for an autograph, but his pen fails.  Ouch!  If you are having a photograph signed, have something hard for him to sign it with you.    


Good luck

As always, keep your questions coming and maybe yours will be featured soon! 



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