Time to open up the fan mail bag

Question:   I have a fairly large collection of Sports Memorabilia.  The collection includes baseball cards, autographed baseballs and bats.  What other sports ephemera can be potentially valuable?


Answer:  Many collector’s of sports collectibles focus on baseball cards and autographs, like you stated above.  However, there are other sports items that are very valuable as well.  I have listed a sampling below in no particular order. 


1.  Championship Rings.  World Series rings, as one can imagine, command the highest dollar amount.  Yankees and Mets have the highest demand, and they go for a pretty penny.  The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over 100 hundred years.  When they do win it, that ring will be worth a small fortune.  (I guarantee they win a Championship in the next 5 years.  Anybody agree, or disagree?)

2.  World Series full sized tickets from 50-70 years ago can be worth money.  Collecting World Series tickets is currently a small, niche field, but growing every day. 

3.  World Series programs…especially ones from the Yankees. 

4.  Baseball advertising posters from the 1880’s-1940’s.  Many companies produced large advertising signs for Mom and Pop stores to hang up in their store windows to promote their product.  Many of these signs have been thrown out, but some of the surviving examples are quite stunning to see in person. 

5.  Bobbing Head dolls.  The bobbing heads, or nodders, were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s.  Some are extremely rare. 






  1. ComericaPark

    Why do you think the “Topps” season tickets are not collectible? I mean there are an extremely limited number…
    If I were just starting to collect cards/memorabilia, I would want to collect them.

  2. Elizabeth D

    I am just in the process of beginning a collection of sports memorabilia. I was successful with autographs during Spring Training, but what about during the regular season? How hard is it to get autographs then (I’m fairly new to the autograph getting aspect).

    And about the cubs winning the WS in five years, I think they can do it… I really do.

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