Baseball Card Show in Chicago Last Weekend

I was at the Chicago Sun-Times show in Chicago over the weekend.  There were so many baseball cards, I could hardly contain myself.  It is quite enjoyable to talk with people who enjoy the same hobbies as I do.  (baseball card collecting)  I noticed quite alot of unsuspecting baseball card owners’ getting ripped off by dealers.  You need to understand that dealers’ are in business to make money.  They most likely have storefronts and that store has a rent associated with it.  Just because a dealer has been in business for twenty years, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person(s) will offer you the most money for your collection.  I am a collector, and have been so since i was 13.  Look at my website for my picture with Walter Payton nearly 15 years ago.

Over the years, I have been able to offer more for baseball cards than most dealers’ because buying cards is not my job, and I intend to save most of the cards for a long, long time.  Just remember, be smart!



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  1. Kaybee

    Great blog! I read the entry about what you would say to your favorite sports star because I’ve been in that situation before! I’ve had two opprtunites to “talk” to my favorite player and I could not say anything worthwhile! It would definitely help to be prepared ahead of time and know what you want to say. Thing is, my favorite player (Kevin Kouzmanoff) isn’t that talkative of a guy, so that doesn’t help me much. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll have other chances 🙂 Ya know, this is a really great blog. It deserves more readers, so make sure you comment on other blogs a lot, always leaving your URL. Check out my blog!

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